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    I have a Wright & McGill Greenhornet flyrod, as seen in the post in rods. I have been trying to determine what line to use. The labeling on the rod is (2,-H-7'). I am certain that the 2 denotes 2 sections and the 7' is length. I am also certain the H is the line rating for the rod.Here is where it gets kinda confusing. Most of the research I have done, and the input on the the other post has confirmed, normally there would be a 3 letter alpha. See chart Silk Fly Line Weight Equivalents - Rod Building . The chart indicates that an "H" is a level line 2, rated at .025 in. diameter and rated for 80grains. Just doesn't seem real likely given the age of the rod. It would seem more like it is a 7wt. or possibly an 8 wt. but I am just not certain.Also, if it is a 2 wt., ,it would be nice to to know what grain weight manufacturers lines are. I have been unable to find that information as well. I have emailed Wright & McGill, no response. I have called them and got the machine, no return call. Apprantly Eagle Claw now owns Wright & McGill. I am planning to call again today. I have done so many Google searches I have ran out of ideas. I would be gratefull for any assistance. I plan to fish this rod' I just can't imagine it has any great value. I am utilitarian in the sense I like to use the things I own, yes if owned a classic car it would be a driver. Just don't enjoy owning something I can't use.Again thanks for the help!

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    Here's an AFTMA chart. Modern 2 weight lines (corresponding to an old H level line) should come in at 80 grains. Most manufactures don't label the exact weight in grains, and that is a bone of contention among some, but generally they will fall within the range of tolerance, unless they are specifically marketed as being a bit heavier (like the Rio Grand or SA GPX). So basically any modern 2 weight line should work fine in your choice of tapers should work fine if it's replacing an old "H" level line.

    Weight Grains Tolerable Range:
    1 60 54-66
    2 80 74-86
    3 100 94-106
    4 120 114-126
    5 140 134-146
    6 160 152-168
    7 185 177-193
    8 210 202-218
    9 240 230-250
    10 280 270-290
    11 330 318-342
    12 380 368-392
    Grains are weighed over front 30 feet of the line.

    Hopefully you can get some answers from EC, but in the meantime, I think you mentioned that you have a 5 weight outfit too?

    If so, if you have doubts about the rods true line weight, try the 5 weight line on it. If it's a 2 weight, the line will be significantly heavier and should really slow the rod down, and you'll feel it really bending down to the cork with 30 feet of line out of the tip at approx 130-150 grains. But if it seems to load pretty well with 15-20 feet of fly line or so out of the tip, it's probably a 2 loading up at 70-90 grains. Don't over do it and cast for the horizon because you may stress the rod. Just feed a little line out at a time, starting with 5 feet and gradually feed out some line to get a sense of the sweet spot for the rod. You should be able to ball park the rod's line weight by judging it's behavior by how much 5 weight line you have out side of the tip to get a rough confirmation if it's a 2 weight.

    It's also a way of getting an idea of what line to choose for the rod for your casting stroke and the distance you'll actually be fishing at, regardless of the label...


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    I think you'll find that your Green Hornet's model # is 2-GH-7
    The 2 meaning 2 piece, the 7 being the length and the GH signifying Green Hornet..
    The line size may or may not have been written after the model number, some didn't say
    ...Nearly all the Green Hornets were 7wts
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    Thanks guys. I will give the other line a try. I called again today got the machine again, left another message. I must say I am not real impressed with the service, even a reply of can't help you beats the machine and no response. I will try the other line and see how it works. I lean towards the rod being a 7 weight by the look and feel and the fact that a 2wt. from the era the rod was built just doesn't seem right. On a positive note, I have learned alot and enjoyed everyones help. I will let you know the outcome.

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    Default Re: Alpha line rating


    I would take Rip Tides word on it, he seems to know his poop. My bet is a 7wt.


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    Took the reel and line off the other rod, 6wt., definetally needs a heavier line. I will try 7wt. I think your Rip, you gave sound advice thank you very much. That 6wt. was a work out, rod wouldn't load hardly at all. May even try an 8wt. just to see what feels best.

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