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    Default Orvis Green Mountain fly line and tippet

    Anyone know if the orvis green mt. line and tippet is any good. has a 12 pk of tippet in 3,4,5,6x, 3 rolls of each for 6.99 and a 3 pack of WF, floating line you pick your sizes, for cheap. Wondering if it was worth the time. Thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: Orvis Green Mountain fly line and tippet

    I bought that exact pack and use it. I've never had any problem. Some would say that they don't trust the material because it's mono and it's hard to tell how long it has been stored since mono has a finite shelf life.

    Like I said, I use it and only have had two fish break it, but that was for either bad knots or operator error in playing the fish.

    Haven't used the flyline, tho.
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    Default Re: Orvis Green Mountain fly line and tippet

    I bought the flyline for use on LMB and it casts and fishes just fine. The only shortcoming (?) maybe it's shorter length but I don't think so for the price. I think I spent under $15 for my line vs. what I just spent for some RIO Selective Trout DT6F for an upcoming trip to Gunnison, Co.($62-deal). At least when you say you cast the whole line, you aren't kidding : ^ )

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