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peregrines 01-23-2012 02:34 PM

Gotcha SBS
Gotcha (SBS)
Another bonefish pattern following many of the same basic tying steps found in the Crazy Charlie (also see the Crazy Charlie SBS) 
Type of fly Bonefish pattern that imitates shrimp
Originator of pattern if known Jim McVay
Tied and Submitted by peregrines
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner, a very simple bonefish pattern using basic tying skills. This pattern is another in our upcoming series of Saltwater Fly Tying Lessons.
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Standard saltwater hook 2-8 (usually 4-6) a Mustad 3407DT size 4 used here
Thread Pink is used as a convention on Gotcha patterns, Pink Danville's Flat Waxed here
Eyes Beadchain or dumbell eyes depending on desired sinkrate (Based on water depth) 1/8" beadchain used here
Overbody Clear V - Rib or clear monofilament around 12lb test or so. In addition to providing a bit of translucence, the overbody helps protect the tinsel body which is a bit fragile
Body Braided mylar tinsel, pearl here
Wing Calftail ( also called "kip tail") tan used here
Head Thread
Special tying notes An easy fly to tie, another example of tying found on bonefish style flies like the Crazy Charlie
Tie on at the 66% point (1/3 of the shank past eye)
Tie on eyes using figure 8 wraps as done on the Clouser Deep Minnow SBS and Crazy Charlie SBS
Advance thread to rear of shank above barb of hook
Tie in 6" length of Flat Body Braid with approx 1" extending off rear of hook. This will become the tail. The rest will be wrapped forward to form the body, and the excess from wrapping the body will form an underwing
Wrap thread forward in tight touching turns to bind down body braid and to form a smooth underbody
We will now form a double layer of body braid. Wrap the flat Body Braid forward in tight touching turns to the rear of the shank ( Note that thread extends forward over eye of hook because the thread bobbin is being held in a bobbin cradle to keep it out of the way while wrapping braid
Wrap braid forward in tight touching turns over the previous layer, figure 8 it between eyes and tie off with tight turns of thread directly in front of eyes.
Flip hook in vise by removing it from the jaws, inverting the hook and reseating it hook point up in the jaws
Fold back the excess body braid on top of the now inverted shank and bind down with 2 turns of thread. Trim excess to a length just past point of hook. This will form the underwing and give the fly a bit of added flash
Unravel the strands of braided mylar with the point of your bodkin
Select a bunch of calftail as you did for the Crazy Charlie, remove fuzz and short ends, and roughly even up tips. Measure from tie in point directly in front of eyes to just past bend of hook
Bind down hair, trim butts and form a neat head. Tie off and coat with a couple layers of head cement.
Here are a few more examples from top: pearl body, tan wing size 4 with beadchain eyes, and chartreuse body and wing and pink body and wing on size 2 hooks with dumbbell eyes for deeper water
Target species Bonefish and other saltwater fish that feed on shrimp near the bottom
Fishing notes An easy to tie shrimp pattern that can be tied in various sizes and colors to match local shrimp and bottom colors. It can be weighted with beadchain for shallow flats or dumbell eyes for deeper water. A good imitation for common and snapping shrimp on sandy flats.

mcnerney 01-23-2012 03:31 PM

Re: Gotcha SBS
Great looking pattern, sure makes me want to try bonefishing!

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