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peregrines 01-26-2012 02:48 PM

Fur Shrimp SBS
Fur Shrimp (with Step By Step pics and instructions)
Another easy to tie shrimp pattern for the bonefish, redfish etc 
Type of fly Bonefish pattern that imitates many types of shrimp
Originator of pattern if known Tim Borski
Tied and Submitted by peregrines
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner, a very simple shrimp pattern using basic tying skills. This pattern is another in our upcoming series of Saltwater Fly Tying Lessons.
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Standard saltwater hook 1/0-8 (usually 2-6) a Mustad 3407DT size 2 used here
Thread Orange Danville's Flat Waxed here
Eyes Beadchain or dumbell eyes depending on desired sinkrate (Based on water depth) 1/8" beadchain used here
Flash Some short strands of Krystal Flash usually orange yellow or pearl are doubled and tied in by the middle with 1/2 of strands pointing towards the rear of the hook, the other 1/2 of the strands pointing forward, then folded back and bound down with thread wraps.
Tail Kraft Fur (tan used here) about the same length as the hook. The tail will be propped upright with thread wraps. After the fly is complete the tail will be barred with permanent marker
Antennae optional- 2 long strands of dark Krystal Flash tied in at the middle on top of shank and bound down with thread wraps so they extend along each
Legs Grizzly hackle tied in at rear and palmered over body. The hackle will be given a haircut buy trimming top and sides after fly is completed
Overbody Clear V - Rib or clear monofilament around 12lb test or so. In addition to providing a bit of translucence, the overbody helps protect the tinsel body which is a bit fragile
Body Fluff from Kraft Fur removed from base of material cut for tail
Single Prong Weedguard 12 or 15 lb test Hard Mason monofilament or similar- a weed guard is essential on this fly to keep it from getting fouled with grass
Head Thread covered in several coats of head cement
Special tying notes An easy fly to tie
Standard length saltwater hook, size 1/0-8 (usually sizes 2-6).... a length of beadchain...... 15 lb Mason Hard Monofilament to form single prong weed guard..... a pair of pliers to cut beadchain into pairs for eyes and to flatten a short section of Hard Mono before tying in....... thread..... strung grizzly saddle hackle..... tan Kraft Fur for tail.... optional packs of Krystal flash for highlights and antennae not shown here
Start your thread at the 2/3 point on the shank
Invert hook
Tie in bead chain or dumbbell eyes on the top of the inverted hook shank-- unlike a Clouser or many bonefish flies, this pattern is designed to ride hook point down
Flip hook in vise. Wind thread towards rear of hook. Tie in a bunch of Krystal Flash for the tail on top of shank directly over barb. Yellow Krystal Flash used here
Select a bunch of Kraft Fur for tail and cut from backing. Pull the fuzz from the bottom of the Kraft Fur and do not discard-- this will be used to dub the body
Measure the Kraft Fur against the hook-- The tail when tied in should extend from the rear of the hook approximately one hook length (as measured from in front of eye to end of bend)
Bind the Kraft fur down on the shank directly above the barb point
It nmay be necessary to repeat the last step with another hunk of Kraft Fur especially on larger hooks. If so, tie in a another hunk of Kraft fur-- it is better to tie in several individual smaller hanks than trying to tie in one thick one.
Work your way forward with thread wraps to just behind the eyes to bind down the butt ends of the Kraft Fur to form a smooth under body
Work the thread back to rear of fly. If you want antennae, tie in 2 strands of dark colored Krystal Flash by the middle and stream each half of the doubled strands along each side of the tail and bind down-- you should end up with 2 antennae on each side. Lift the Kraft Fur up and take several wraps of thread around the bare shank directly behind the tail. This will help prop the tail up a bit to reduce fouling
Select a grizzly hackle and remove fluff from base of stem. Tie in the grizzly hackle by the base of the feather leaving approximately a 1/4" of bare stem to avoid trapping any barbs in the first turn of hackle. The bright side of the feather should be facing forward so that the barbs will slant rearward when the feather is wrapped. In this pic, the dull underside of the feather is facing toward the camera so it will be facing rearward when wrapped.
Bind remainder of feather stem down with thread wraps to behind eyes. Trim excess stem and return thread to rear of hook with wraps to make smooth underbody for dubbing. Dub 2" of thread using the fluff of Kraft Fur you saved from the hunk cut for the tail. If you have difficulty dubbing the Kraft Fur fluff, some saliva, dubbing wax, or drawing the thread through the side of a candle might help. Keep the dubbing sparse when you apply it to the thread, you don't want a thick noodle.
Take tight turns forward with the dubbed thread-- add more dubbing as needed, until you reach just behind the eyes and let thread bobbin hang here
Palmer hackle forward by wrapping in open turns over the dubbed body to waiting thread and tie off. Note tip of feather extending to bottom right. This will need to be trimmed before proceeding to the next step
After clipping off excess hackle tip, figure 8 wrap between behind and in front of eyes with dubbed thread
Form smooth thread base for attachment of mono weedguard. Cut a short length of 12-20 lb Mason Hard Monofilament and crimp it with pliers to flatten the mono near one end of the short piece-- this will make it easier to attach with thread wraps.
Build a thread dam behind the mono to prop it straight up and cut mono to a length so it sticks straight up just a bit taller than hook point. Whip finish and tie off, the tying part is complete. Flip hook in vise and trim off top and sides of hackle
Remove fly from vise and lay flat on cardboard to mark tail and top of body with bands of a permanent marker-- brown and olive used here. Put back in vise or block of styrofoam etc and coat with several coats of head cement
Target species Bonefish, redfish and other saltwater fish that feed on shrimp near the bottom
Fishing notes An easy to tie shrimp pattern that can be tied in various sizes and colors to match local shrimp and bottom colors. It can be weighted with beadchain for shallow flats or dumbell eyes for deeper water. A good imitation for common and snapping shrimp on sandy flats, mangrove flats and weed beds.

gatortransplant 01-26-2012 03:22 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
Mark, does the pattern get cut off at the hackle tie-in step or is it just on my computer?

Edit: Much clearer now, sorry to interrupt the post!

peregrines 01-26-2012 03:26 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
No, I was working on it when you saw it-- there's a 20 pic limit in each post so i was juggling a bit to include as much detail as possible--- hopefully it's a bit clearer now-- if not let me know.

Pocono 01-26-2012 06:11 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
Nice looking shrimp imitation. Great SBS!


rockhunter 02-05-2012 09:59 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
Great looking pattern thanks for sharing

rapid eddy 03-18-2012 05:15 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
I'm sure you know it but that baby will work here in Missouri on some pan fish. Very well explained. Thanks

ditz 11-08-2012 03:32 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
I tie a very similiar pattern except I use the craft fur in a dubbing loop for the body which makes a really bushy body and I know it works very well on the ML trout with beadchain eyes.

I have stuck one in my bass box to test out but the panfish here in middle TN aren't big enough to eat the shrimp I tie:D:D

brookfieldangler 11-08-2012 03:54 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
As someone who does't fish saltwater, is there any reason why it's a hook down tie instead of hook up? Do you swim this or drag it along the bottom?

Kerry Pitt 11-19-2012 08:59 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
It will retrieve hook up with the weight I think. Nice pattern.

waterman_75 10-15-2014 08:06 PM

Re: Fur Shrimp SBS
thank you for posting, very detailed tying instructions were very helpful. How are you retrieving?

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