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Thread: Fur Shrimp SBS

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    Default Fur Shrimp SBS

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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    Mark, does the pattern get cut off at the hackle tie-in step or is it just on my computer?

    Edit: Much clearer now, sorry to interrupt the post!
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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    No, I was working on it when you saw it-- there's a 20 pic limit in each post so i was juggling a bit to include as much detail as possible--- hopefully it's a bit clearer now-- if not let me know.

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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    Nice looking shrimp imitation. Great SBS!


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    Great looking pattern thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    I'm sure you know it but that baby will work here in Missouri on some pan fish. Very well explained. Thanks

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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    I tie a very similiar pattern except I use the craft fur in a dubbing loop for the body which makes a really bushy body and I know it works very well on the ML trout with beadchain eyes.

    I have stuck one in my bass box to test out but the panfish here in middle TN aren't big enough to eat the shrimp I tie

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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    As someone who does't fish saltwater, is there any reason why it's a hook down tie instead of hook up? Do you swim this or drag it along the bottom?
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    Default Re: Fur Shrimp SBS

    It will retrieve hook up with the weight I think. Nice pattern.
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    thank you for posting, very detailed tying instructions were very helpful. How are you retrieving?

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