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    Default Re: Winter Warrior SBS

    Yes it is

    For example I use ultra wire x-sm electric blue on mine
    "The fish you're gonna find up here, you're gonna find; Rainbow,Cuttbow,CuttBrowns,Brownbows,RainBrowns,
    CuttyRainbrowns, Pike ,Perch"

    "Snap it" Hank Patterson

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    Default Re: Winter Warrior SBS

    Thanks, I ordered the right material than. I had a gift cert. for H&H and ordered the missing parts yesterday. I think this pattern may work well out East. It seems to me patterns from out west have more "flash and sparkle" maybe it is b/c new materials originate from out there ? I will have a UV resin
    kit from Silver Creek soon , what do you think of that on the body? I have never used resins ?

    What is the rainbow warrior imitating ?
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