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    Hey guys! I'm new around here. I stumbled upon this forum the other day and have been fascinated. I love fly fishing , though in really just a hobbyist. I have been fly fishing and fly tying for most of my life, my dad got me into it at 10, with a used rod and a box of nymphs and poppers for panfish. Ever since then it has been my dream to put together a "database" of all the types of flies that work well for the various freshwater species. I would love to see the patterns you guys tie/use for freshwater fish. If you have pictures of a pattern for a type of fish that you wouldn't mind sharing, post them up!
    Here's a couple I tied for smallmouth on the river. This is a weighted crayfish with foam claws that keep the hook just out of the rocks

    And a basic clouser I tied up that has been very productive
    And a red and white weighted streamer for northerns
    I'll get some pics of a few more later. Post up what you have, and let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Patterns by species

    Great looking Crayfish pattern, I bet that would work good here in the local waters of western Wyoming!

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    Thanks Mcerney! I have yet to catch anything on it, but I am going to pitch it tomorrow morning and see! here's another cray I tied up tonight. Wish the rabbit fur "pinchers " would be a little bit more away from the body, but it might just work

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    Eric, welcome to the site! I had a similar idea to document flies I tied & used, but after setting up a spread sheet & adding about 30 patterns, I gave up. Too much typing & I've tied & used likely several hundred patterns over many years. Between Google & some websites I visit frequently, I can find more flies than I'll ever tie & use, so don't see the need. I really like tying, so would rather spend my time doing that, or fishing than typing!

    There has been several threads posted here for flies tied each month, or the "What have you been tying today?" type of threads. Loads of great looking patterns suitable for many species.

    Your crayfish patterns are interesting! I like that last one, with the rabbit strip claws. I wouldn't worry too much about getting the claws spread out, frankly if you watch a real crawdad scooting away, the claws are close together in a streamlined manner. They only position their claws apart when sitting in a defensive posture. I gave up trying to tie crawdad patterns with 2 claws anyway, the fish can't count & I caught just as many on flies that only had a single rabbit strip. That way I can tie more flies with less material!
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    Bigjim5589, that's true! I guess I never thought of it like that, but you're right, the fish can't count lol

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