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Didgeridoo 10-06-2010 08:11 PM

Magic Brownie
Magic Brownie
Magic Brownie
Originator of pattern if known Didgeridoo
Tied and Submitted by Didgeridoo
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Tiemco 9395 size 8
Bead Beadchain eyes
Tail Tuft of brown rabbit fur
Rib Gold or Copper wire
Dubbed Body Stillwater Solutions Sparkle Blend Dark Red brown
Wing Tuft of brown rabbit fur that extends to tail
Throat Short tuft of brown rabbit fur
Head Rust Orange Diamond dubbed around beadchain eyes
Special tying notes
Target species brown trout, smallmouth bass
Fishing notes This pattern resembles either a leech or a minnow. If tied correctly, when wet it should taper into a minnow shape. This pattern is great for trout and has proved itself to be very effective for big brown trout, hence the name. In stillwater situations, use with intermediate sinking line for best results.

peregrines 10-06-2010 08:28 PM

Re: Magic Brownie
Above is a great pattern submitted in a fly swap by Didgeridoo.

But dang, I'll have to figure this table thing out--- the recipe is in there but not showing....

Update-- fixed thanks to Larry

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