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Thread: Cheat sheet for submitting patterns

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    Default Cheat sheet for submitting patterns

    Here's a cheat sheet to help you insert patterns into the pattern library.

    You can copy this and paste it into a word doc for reference.

    When you open a new thread you will see a bunch of boxes, as well as a main text box.

    In order:

    Current Image: will be a blank white square

    Gallery: thumbnails of a few other flies already in the library

    Upload new file /choose image: this is to upload a small thumbnail that will appear in the header of the title. At this point this looks like it needs to be directly uploaded from your hard drive.

    Title: Name of pattern goes here

    Byline: This is like a subtitle, and will appear under the pattern name in the list of threads. As an example Chironomid (midge) pupa pattern- great for high mountain lakes or Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly


    Post as:

    Autolink options
    separate them by comma, this could include target fish, difficulty of tying and type of pattern. This will allow for searches down the road. An example for an Adams might be: dry, trout, beginner
    Description: A brief description

    Here's the code needed to submit a pattern, note that I've removed the first [ and the last ] around the first and last " Table " respectively, so you can see the actual code and can copy and paste it into your submission. You would need to remove the quotes to get this to work after you've paste it. The stuff you would enter in the heading is surrounded by *** just to make clear where stuff needs to be typed in:

    ***Enter name of fly pattern***

    Enter name of pattern | ****use the insert image tool to insert a link to the pic. It would be helpful if the link to the image is actually on NAFFF to ensure that links don't disappear. Do not lift links from other sites to avoid potential copyright violations***
    Type of pattern | To facilitate searches, delete whatever doesn't apply, or enter additional terms ( you might have more than one valid choice):
    dry fly, emerger (for patterns that float on surface)
    wet fly, bead head, soft hackle, pupa, emerger (for "wet" emergers below the surface)
    nymph, bead head, sow bug, scud, egg, larva, worm
    streamer, bucktail, bugger,
    steelhead, salmon, shad, egg
    warmwater, bass, popper, topwater, diver, panfish,
    saltwater streamer, baitfish, topwater, shrimp, crab, squid, worm
    Originator of pattern if known | please make an attempt to credit the originator of the pattern
    Tied and Submitted by | you
    Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern | this is just to give some info to new folks especially about the difficulty involved. Here are some suggestions
    Beginner, a fairly simple pattern using basic tying skills.
    Intermediate, a little more complicated pattern, previous experience tying different types of patterns helpful.
    Advanced, a complex pattern that uses somewhat difficult techniques. Previous tying experience helpful.
    These are just suggestions, feel free to use your judgement regarding difficulty and your own words
    Materials listed in order of tie in:|

    Hook | whatever include style of hook, preferred size range and model/ size of hook used in your submission
    Bead | whatever
    Thread | whatever
    Tail | whatever
    Rib | whatever
    Dubbed Body | whatever
    Wing | whatever
    Throat | whatever
    Head | whatever
    Special tying notes | if any- this would be helpful to new tyers
    Target species | trout or whatever
    Fishing notes | Cast out and hold on....


    Here's an example of how it will look after you add the open and close brackets, "[" before the first "TABLE" and "]" after the last word "TABLE" that appear at the beginning and end of the above HTML code :

    Note that the table will hopefully print out in 2 columns, with the stuff on the left side column and right side column separated by a | key in the actual code, e.g.

    " Hook | standard dry fly 12-20, Mustad 94840 size 16 used here "

    You can change the order, delete rows or add rows for the actual fly pattern you're submitting. Just separate the two columns by a |

    So for example if your pattern doesn't have a bead, just delete that line. If your dry fly pattern has a grizzly hackle collar just add (without the quotes)

    " Collar | Grizzly dry fly hackle " by inserting it in the appropriate line

    Let me know by PM if you have any problems entering stuff, and i'll be happy to help, and it you have any suggestions for other fields that should be included please give me a shout.

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