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boser 10-07-2010 09:43 PM

Ugly Scud Bug
Ugly Scud Bug
Ugly Scud Bug
Type of fly wet fly nymph scud sowbug
Originator of pattern if known unknown
Tied and Submitted by Boser
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner, a fairly simple pattern using basic tying skills.
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Scud hook, Tiemco 2302 size 12 here
Thread Black 8/0
Tail None
Shellback Strip cut from plastic bag
Rib Fine silver wire
Dubbed Body Gray Hare's Ear Wiggle Dubbing
Head Thread
Special tying notes Tie in shellback and ribbing and leave both trailing off rear of hook. Dub body, pull over shellback and lock in place with rib. Form head with thread and tie off.
Target species Trout
Fishing notes This pattern imitates a scud or sow bug and is a good choice for waters that hold them--typically spring creeks, tailwaters, ponds and lakes.

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