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Joni 10-13-2010 01:52 PM

Henry's Lake Renegade
Henry's Lake Renegade
Henry’s Lake Renegade
Type of pattern Dry fly can also be fished as a wet fly
Originator of pattern if known A variation on the classic Taylor “Beartracks” Willams’ Renegade pattern. "Beartracks" Williams, from Idaho, tied the original Renegade in 1928 and it has inspired many variations.
Tied and Submitted by Joni
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner, a fairly simple pattern using basic tying skills
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Nymph or dry fly hook 2 xlong sizes 8-12. Long nymph hook size 12 here
Thread Red 14/0 here
Tag Optional. This pattern is sometimes tied with a tag of red thread, omitted here.
Tail None
Rib Tag end of tying thread, counter wrapped with 4-5 turns in an open spiral
Rear Hackle 2 wraps of Furnace (or brown) dry fly hackle. (“Furnace” is brown with a black center.)
Body 2-3 strands of peacock herl
Front Hackle 2 wraps of Furnace or brown dry fly hackle.
Head Thread
Special tying notes The Henry’s Lake pattern is a slight variation on the classic Renegade (tied with a white front hackle and gold tag).
Target species trout
Fishing notes A good choice for high mountain lakes in the West with large Chironomid (midge) populations, it can be fished dry or wet.

idahoflyfishing 12-30-2010 12:14 PM

Re: Henry's Lake Renegade
I have found that adding a little flash at the end of the renegade on the hook shank increases productivity, at least in Idaho streams and high mountain lakes. Renegades, and double renegades, are excellent flies for high mountain lake Idaho Fly Fishing. Idaho Fly Fishing

yatahey 12-30-2010 12:53 PM

Re: Henry's Lake Renegade
Great looking fly Joni. I'll have to tie some up for the high lakes next year. BTW is there a template for that layout, it's really nice.

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