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Flash Dancer
Flash Dancer
Deerhair streamer for smallmouth and largemouth bass
Published by peregrines
Default Flash Dancer

Flash Dancer
Flash Dancer Click the image to open in full size.
Type of fly warmwater smallmouth and largemouth bass deerhair streamer topwater diver
Originator of pattern if known Larry Dahlberg
Tied and Submitted by peregrines
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Intermediate, a little more complicated pattern, previous experience tying different types of patterns helpful. (The only potentially tricky part for a beginner is spinning deer hair for the head. )
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Standard shank Mustad 3366 or equivalent or wide gap bass stinger type hook size 2-6 Mustad size 6 here
Thread A strong thread is recommended to withstand the thread torque applied while spinning the deer hair thread. Danville’s Flat waxed Nylon used here.
Weight optional wraps of non toxic wire, wire same thickness as shank, (something like .025-.030” for hooks this size) Not used here.
Tail Red Marabou
Body Standard pattern uses estaz or crystal chenille in pearl, gold etc. Gold body braid used here.
Underwing Optional, not used on standard pattern. I use a short tuft of brown bucktail from the “wrong” side of the bucktail as a support for the wing in the next step
Wing Gold flashabou
Collar Stacked bunch of deer body hair, tips facing rearward
Head Deer body hair, spun. Apply and spin 2-3 clumps to form head
Special tying notes Tie in thread at 2/3 point leaving front 1/3 bare metal. Cover rest of shank with thread. Tie in tail of marabou extending about 1 shank length behind hook. Tie in body material, and wind to 2/3 point of shank. Tie in sparse clump of bucktail for underwing if used. Tie in by the middle several strands of gold flashabou wing, and pull ends towards tail. Tie down Flashabou wing. Stack to even tips and tie in deer hair collar with tips facing rearward, 360 degrees around shank. Tie in several clumps of deer body hair by the middle and spin around shank. Pack each clump before proceeding to tie in the next until front of hook is covered. Whip and tie off thread. Remove fly from vise. At this point it will be pretty wild looking with deer hair sticking out all over the place. Trim to shape with scissors or razor blade. Keep it flat on bottom and fairly close to shank to keep the gap open for hooking fish.
Here's a darker variation: ........Weight .030 Non toxic wire wrap.....Tail: yellow marabou and copper Krystal Flash.... Body: Copper Cactus Chenille.......Underwing: Brown hair from back of bucktail...... Wing: copper Flashabou.... collar and head: Dark body hair from Yearling Mule Deer Hair Click the image to open in full size.
Target species Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass
Fishing notes Although the original was weighted with wire wraps, i usually tie them without weight and fish them on top with a floater, or down a bit with a sink tip and short heavy leader.
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