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    Default Re: Soft hackle flies

    I grew up fishing traditional wet flies as a kid and still fish soft hackle flies most of the time today.
    I have a few favorites, but "matching the hatch" is important, but you don't need to go crazy.
    Generally you want to go larger and darker in the earlier season and smaller and lighter colored as the season goes on.
    Different shades of fur along with hackle that might imitate the wing coloration.

    My favorites include the partridge and peacock, the dark cahill, and the partridge and orange.
    The partridge and orange is for brooktrout and it doesn't even need to be orange. Any bright color works..
    The dark cahill or any other hare's ear colored softhackle.. It's an Adams in motion.
    The partridge and peacock is my favorite. I use it anytime, but mainly as a alderfly emerger.

    I'm more likely to use woodcock than partridge for hackle but once you learn to "choke-up" on your hackle, you can use nearly any game bird breast feather that you might like.
    Current speed is also a consideration.
    The softest material for slow current but stiffer in fast current... so they don't plaster down.
    Think dry fly hackle.

    However, the most important thing with fishing soft hackles is to imitate the actions of the naturals.
    Drifters ? Emergers ? Egg layers ?
    That's all observation and experience

    Here's where you should start
    Don Bastian Wet Flies << Wet fly photos, recipes, interesting information and other fly tying endeavors
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    Default Re: Soft hackle flies

    Here is another good one...


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    Default Re: Soft hackle flies

    These three books:

    Allen McGee takes tying soft hackles to an entirely different level with his third book (above).

    You can see some of his work here:

    Allen McGee's Riverfly Angler

    These are some of Allen's patterns and many of mine that I tied up for a visit to the Firehole River in YNP in September 2017. They all worked...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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