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  1. Default new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    I need a reel for a 4wt rod (Elkhorn Traveler) and can get a brand new Lamson Radius 1.5 for $85, or a used but very good condition Galvan OB-3 with a used SA mastery WF4F line and backing for $125. I guess an equivalent new line on the Radius would run $70 (I have backing already). So, the question is get a new reel and line for $155, or a used but supposedly higher quality reel with used line (a few seasons old) for $125?

    Another issue is getting spare spools. I think I can get a spare for the Radius for $40, but a new one for the Galvan will run at least $120.

    Help! What would you do?

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    Default Re: new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    I'd get the better reel. I have several spare spools for a Ross Rhythm, but
    only because they were on closeout for $29. I have yet to use a spare spool.

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    Default Re: new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    That line may be scarred up or possibly cracking after a few years. Its quite possible to keep a line working that long, but its old enough to where I wouldn't factor it into the decision. Use it if its fine once you get it, but I wouldn't assume its value to be over $20.

    And I would say it comes down to which balances the rod better.

    If that's a tie, then consider that the Galvan is likely much larger diameter and will pick up line quicker and make your fly line less coily as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    the galvan.

    fresno, ca.

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    +1 for the Galvan.

    I sure enjoy mine.

  6. Default Re: new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    Another Galvan fan over here.

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    Default Re: new Radius 1.5 or used Galvan OB-3?

    I can't say anything bad about the Lamson Radius. It has the same drag system as the higher priced Litespeed and ULA reels, but it is different in alloys, machining, and finish. I'm sure that the Radius that you are getting is last year's version. If you choose this reel, make sure to buy your spare spool(s) right away since you won't be able to buy them later.

    My choice between the two would be the Galvan. I feel that the machining quality and finish are superior to the Radius. Boni Galvan has not changed the OB since its introduction. It's a well made reel.


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