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  1. Default Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Well... I putting together my first rig and I've been researching reels.... Rod is a St Croix Reign 9' #6.... Was gonna get an Okuma Vashon, or a Sierra... Now for some reason I kinda want to get a 1494 & 1495... Just like the classic lines of the Pflueger. The Vashon was really impressive when I handled it - but it "looked" really wide and blocky... probably a factor of the size\stype of the arbor. Nothing says I can't have more than one reel, and figure I will probably need another reel if\whenI head north towards Erie where I might hook into something bigger and closer to the limit of my stick.

    Opinions, advice?

    Oh, anyone know where I can get an exploded diagram of the pfluegers so that I can detail strip and clean\repair\refurb them.... If I go ebay hunting there's no telling wht I'll come across.
    Steve Uhall

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    Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Nowadaze everyone is keen on the the old made in USA medalists, but the imports are worth every cent

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  3. Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Thanks... that'll come in handy.
    Steve Uhall

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    Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Funny that you posted this. I had a conversation with a friend who manages a fly shop. He carries all the major reel brands in the industry. What is interesting is that he is going to put a few Medalists in his reel case. He got the idea from his roommate who uses a Medalist on a Scott Fibertouch. If you look at any of the reels in the $30 to $50 category, they all look pretty shoddy. The Medalist can take a bunch of punishment that any hardcore creeker can dish out.

    One of my friends is going to give me an old Fisher fiberglass blank. I plan on building it up as a creek rod. Most likely I'll mount a Medalist to it.


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    Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Althouygh it's only an educated guess, I'd sya there have been more fish caught on Medalists than any other reel model ever made. It's like the buck knife (110) of fly reels. A true classic.

    That many fish (and fishers) can't be wrong.

    The more you know, the less you need.

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    Thumbs up Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    The Medalist has been A classic & doubtless a good choice. If you start using one, may I suggest you secure the many screws in the frame with one of the liquid products available for the purpose. Years ago all those screws in mine started loosening up at the same time. Since I was fishing, I noticed it before any of them fell into the river. My fault, should have taken the same precaution I am suggesting to you. Have fun with a classic.

  7. Default why not.....

    ...get 1 or 2 or about $25 ea for a reel that looks classy and has a drag to boot. The only thing is they come nowdays with set up for left hand cranking and I'm an old geezer who learned to crank right...changing over is not beyond my skills but not the easiest...'course in doing it, since I had to take out a few screws, I used the opportunity to put Loctite on all of 5 now and plan to pop for a few more.

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    Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    I have several Medalist 1495's, two 1494's, a 1492 and a 1496 1/2. I use them on vintage glass rods and they not only look good on those rods, they also function well and balance out the rod blanks very nicely. They also hold a WF line and an absolute ton of backing; or a DT line with somewhat less backing. The drag is non-sophistocated, but it works well and provides a pretty constant drag once the reel starts spinning. I like the click sound on the retrieve. I wouldn't depend on the drag to handle 7x or 8x tippet, but for 4x, 5x and 6x, it does the job for me.

    Check out this link for a short history of the Medalist reels and some good pics.

    "Pflueger Medalist Reels - A History - Fly Angler's OnLine Volumn 7 week 41

  9. Default Re: Have an urge foor a pflueger

    Ok, I have a couple on the way and the itch is scratched for now... Those reels could be like "bear bows".... Enough around that you might want to try to acquire a decent example of each variation....could be addictive...
    Steve Uhall

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