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  1. Default Yet another "reel help" thread.

    Hey guys, as most of you know I am relatively new to this sport but I am already looking to upgrade my basic starter reel and I am hoping you knowledgeable people will be able to guide me in the right direction. My current setup is an Orvis Clearwater II 9' 5 weight mid-flex rod, and I am looking to replace the Ross Flycast 2 which came as part of the package.

    Unfortunately like most, I do have a budget and mine is around the $200 mark and thus I was looking at a variety of reels: Orvis' BBS, BMA and the CFO, the latter of which is at the top end of my budget. I was also looking at Ross' CLA as well as the Lamson Konic and Guru.

    I would primarily be fishing for trout here in Colorado and would love some advise on a suitable upgrade to my current reel along with any "do's and don'ts" or subtle differences to look for when choosing a new reel that a layman like myself would overlook.

  2. Default Re: Yet another "reel help" thread.

    You could try to find a Galvan rush at that price point to, theyre a little heavy, but a very solid reel with the same drag system as the torque.

    Another good choice would be the Ross CLA as you mentioned.

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