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  1. Default Marryat reel question...

    Hello to all,

    I bought a Marryat MR8A and a 8.5 at a yard sale this weekend, and am excited to try them but cannot figure out how to switch from left to right hand wind. I like the silent reel in, but need to make the opposite wind. I typically use only Orvis CFO reels...

    Thanks, great site...

    First year fly fishing and rivers are still too high so lake it is...
    SLC, UT

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    I take it this is one of Marryat older reels since you got it at a garage sale. I would start with and see if they can answer your question for you. If they can't help,

    I've converted alot of older reels so, If you post a picture of the inside of the reel, I probably could figure it out. Am willing to try anyway.

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    Thanks. Both are the same, here is a pic. Beautiful reels. They seem to have a lot more room for line than the Orvis CFO reels I use. I did check out their website but just descriptions of features were available.

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    I've not seen one like this before. If I was to guess, and that is all it would be, is to remove the plate and reverse the gear. I think if you call the company and ask for the aprts and repair department, they can tell you howw to do it or send you instructions. Maybe someone else on this forum has a Marryat and can help.

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    Welcome to the forum Tim. Good to see more of us Utahn's on the site.

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