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Thread: small reel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    Sorry about that, Pflueger would be good or watch eBay for a Martin MG-60. They are like a Hardy Featherweight and usually go around 20 - 25 dollars.
    If you watch e bay you may find second hand ones at a great price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi everyone,

    Don't forget that twospots does not want to spend a lot of money. Twospots said: "holds the line... No drag needed..." I think some of the reels mentioned are way above his budget.

    Twospots, there is a problem that light weight usually means higher cost. Have you considered a Pflueger Medalist.


    Pflueger Medalist

    I have one for a 4 wt... Seems too big for the 2, but was not sure if they make them smaller.

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    look for ocean city #36 green enamal reels on ebay. I use one on my 6' 2wt.
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    Default Re: small reel?

    Well, I ended up getting a Browning Black Canyon reel as it was 45% off the original price... The guy who sold it to me seemed to know a lot untill he said he should put 100 yards of backing on it... i taold him that seemed a bit much, but he did it anyway. I had to stand there and wait for him to pull all the line off, cut the back and remove a bout 20 feet and then tie the line back on...
    Nice little reel though. Has a decent drag, even though I wasn't looking for one. Might come in handy if I get a smallie on while gill fishing...
    Oh, and It went on a TFO 6'6" 2 WT... Nice rod.

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    Default Re: small reel?

    Agree with the Pflueger Medalist as a "right priced" reel; but it might be too heavy for a 2 wt. rod. If you decide to go that way, then I would purchase the 1492 reel; it weighs 4.2 oz.. Heres's the link:

    The the Hardy Featherweight would be a good choice and if you get it through a British online source, it can be yours, stateside, for under $200.00. Lighter still than the MG-60 is the MG-3; a "tuna can" reel, like the MG-60. It's a vintage reel, but, as stated above, can usually be acquired on ebay for under $50.00. It will certainly hold your line well on a 2 wt. rod.

    Another couple of choices; if you like the look of a vintage reel, would be a Young Condex or a Meisselbach Airex. Both very light reels; both with a classic look and both capable of doing more than just holding your line. They can also be sourced on ebay for, usually, less than $50.00.

    I have an old Phillipson 7'0" midge rod and I fish it alternating the Hardy Featherweight, the Young Condex and the Meisselbach Airex reels. All work well on that light rod. Lighter still is my Fenwick 535 (5'3" long), which is the lightest rod that I own. I fish it with the Martin MG-3 reel and it balances the rod very nicely.

    If your 2 wt. can handle 4.2 oz. reel, then is will be hard to beat a new Medalist 1492. I think they sell new for less than $30.00.

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