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    Default Saracione Mark IV Reels

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a chance to buy a wonderful reel. These reels are available from Trey Combs on Ebay. There are both Trout and Saltwater reels available. Not cheap but may be worth it to some of you. There are some special color combinations not available from any other source.


    Saracione Mark IV Reels

    Black, Silver and Gold Color Combination

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    Default Re: Saracione Mark IV Reels

    Saraciones are popular with the hardcore steelhead crowd. I have seen some of the larger sizes used on Spey rods.


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    Default Re: Saracione Mark IV Reels

    I suspect the smaller ones would be great on Boo for trout fishing too. They are beautiful reels. Unfortunately, I'm starting a new business and really cash starved for a while.

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