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Thread: Center pin reel

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    Default Center pin reel

    I never heard of this reel, what is it?

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    Default Re: Center pin reel

    Red Owl,

    Unless there is something new happening or I have been misunderstanding fly reels for years I think 'center pin' refers to the center shaft or pin that the spool mounts on. I'll be watching this thread for answers. We all have something to learn but I thought all of my reels were of center pin design. I should add that the Hardy lightweight series and all of the Hardy reels that are built on a center shaft / pin design having only pawls for a drag are considered true center pin reels. If you have a disc drag like I have on my Cascapedia 8/9 then it isn't considered a center pin reel, go figure? You could consider a CFO IV spring and pawl reel a center pin reel I believe.

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    Center Pin fishing is a whole 'nother realm that isn't fly fishing at all. Its done with very long flexy rods, light mono, and allows an angler to achieve extremely long drifts when fishing bait under a bobber. Many fly anglers in the Great Lakes area view "Pinners" as the scourge of the earth.

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    I have a couple JW Young Windex reels. They are centerpin if I'm not mistaken. I use one with my spey outfit. Nice weight. It has a lever on it that makes it a free spooler. This one originally had mono on it. Throw out a fly or lure and let the current take it downstream. Or I guess you could use it lake fishing. Like Cliff said it's a different type of fishing but the reels can be used on fly rods-just flip the lever back and it's back to a fly reel.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Center Pin fishing is very unusual. [ame=""]YouTube - Salmon River NY Centerpin Fishing[/ame] showing one in action. It looks like a fly reel but it will free spool in both directions. There is a clicker that you can turn on or off for some resistants. Ross sells one.


    ROSS Center Pin Reel

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    Thanks, as I said I heard about them and had no idea what they were.

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    Here's something else I've found.
    It's not much different than spin casting for steelies or salmon. Kind of a combination of fly and spin/bait casting.
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    I just got ride of my centerpin setup, there cool if you dont mind watching a bobber. The biggest part about centerpin reels is that most of them are drag free, you have to use your fingers to slow down the spool. I prefer fly fishing hands down,but thats just me!!!

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    Well, let me say that I don't think a center pin reel is something I want to get into- I can't see the benefit- why not use a spinning reel if you want to bobber fish. If you want to fly fish then use fly fishing tackle.

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    Default Re: Center pin reel

    The thought is that lonnnng drag free drift that the reel allows...It's very entertaining when you see a center pinner come in and try to use his rig where other people are fishing noodle rods and bobbers; don't take the kids with you to watch though, they learn all kinds of new words... LOL


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