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  1. Default Hardy Bros The Perfect Reel

    First of all i would like to say hello to everyone .

    I hope some one can help , i have obtained a Hardy Bros The "perfect" fly reel. 4" (Salmon reel i believe ) . On the front plate are the letters L.E.P engraved .I've been told it is the makers name, can some one please help if anyone knows what the letters stand for i would be grateful.

    Kind Regards


  2. Default Re: Hardy Bros The Perfect Reel

    Hardy reel makers initials are engraved on the inside of the back plate (under the spool).
    The initials you quote are not listed on the Hardy Bros website. They say their list is a partial list but chances are, the letters stand for something else.

    here is the Hardy site URL

    good luck

  3. Default Re: Hardy Bros The Perfect Reel

    I'm hardly an expert on these matters but my guess is that the initials belong to a former owner.

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