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  1. Question Battenkill Mid Arbor

    Whats everyones opinions or personal feelings on this reel? I am looking at it for a backup reel. Seems reasonably priced just wondering if anybody has any experience or other recommendations. Thanks

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    Not a bad reel. It is nice at the price point it is at. Have you asked Steve what kindo deals he can hook you up with?

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    I have the Battenkill BBS reel in a 3wt and really like it. I suppose the mid arbor reel would be just as good.

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    The mid arbor is a completely different reel from the LA or the BBS, or the traditional. Thew drag is metal/cork and the others are gear. I think they are a little on the heavy side. Alright for 5wt and up IMO.

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    I use the Battenkill mid arbors and Large arbors as my primary reel on all my rods. I really like them and have never had a problem. I only fish 4, 5, and 6 weight. I think you would enjoy it.

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    I have Battenkill mid arbors II & III and Battenkill Large arbor I. The local Orvis store was going out of business so I went crazy. All in all they are great reels. Plan to use them all this weekend.
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