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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    Here's my new favorite. A big and sexy bougle.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    I think there may be a pic earlier in this thread but this is still my favorite reel...

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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    These three things represent true American made classics in my mind -

    Although I have to admit, this reel holds a very dear spot in my heart -

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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    That is a little St. George and it is a beauty. The three flush screws in the release cover and ribbed brass reel foot suggest it is likely a pre-WWII model. First class!

    Here is a much newer, not yet classic Hardy...but I'll bet it will be someday:

    Hardy's Angel, designed to mate with their essentially Britain-only $1200 Angel rod, is a superb piece of work. I features a drag surface of "Avocarb", same stuff used to put the brakes on Harrier jets. Even more exotic, though the reel was designed in-house as are all Hardys. input and influence was provided by the genius, Ari't Hart who was invited to participate. Ari's influence is particularly evident in the back plate of the reel. The drag knob is a wonderful thing that all reel designers should take a gander at, it is huge in circumference, with micro detentes facilitating infinite and linear drag calibration. And there is more drag than a trout fisherman will ever need. This drag knob is not really a knob as there is no protrusion, it is a shallow dome with finger porting for adjustment. A very cool reel.

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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    New early Christmas gift from the folks. Allen Trout II in gunmetal. And a 3wt weight forward.Guideline Presentation fly line from sis. Can't wait to christen them in the spring.
    Lovin the fit and finish on the Allen.

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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    Had to do it! I'm a sucker for the 1492's.
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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    I just recieved my very first quality reel today, its a sage 4580 and looks really good firsthand its an 8 wt and has 200yards of 20lb backing and 30m of intermediate fly line, hopefully i can tackle some nice saltwater fish now instead of worrying about my trout reel running out of backing!

    very nice and a score for %40 off brand new

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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    Hi Flats,

    I just love the wear on your grip and fighting butt! You fish that rod a lot and the reel is the first of these I've seen in such good pictures, it's a nice piece of tackle for sure.

    Congratulations on a nice rig and watch out for those sharks,


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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    A er' new reel my father in-law gave me for Christmas to add to the collection. We are not sure what it is or when it was made. The reel is around 1.5-2 in total diameter.

    I have an old glass rod I will pair it up with for hanging on the wall.
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    Default Re: Reel Love, the fly reel Picture Thread;

    One of my CFOs

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