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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
    nice group of reels you have there s&s
    those hardy ul dd and cc reels are very nice.
    my only critique on my cc is the one way click is almost too weak.

    Similar problem with my CCs as well, I am on my third clicker replacement in two seasons, they can wear out quite quickly.
    Talking with Howard Croston one day on the river, he assured me a number of clickers had been produced in an inferior material, but Hardy had addressed the problem.
    He kindly sent me a couple of replacements, they look identical, but will hopefully last a fair bit longer.
    Spool design is top notch, as S&S mentioned, the slim profile seems to lay the line more evenly on rewind.

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by von behr View Post
    Thanks, Jaybo. I found it new for less than 1/2 price. It's a nice little reel at 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I love the sound it makes, and I can't wait to put it to use.

    The Jr. is truly a beautiful little reel. I picked up a limited edition stamped and numbered (JWS #039) in a hard case not too long ago for a little more than half of the current selling price of these reels. It's size really didn't sink in until I held it in my hands. It will do nicely on a 6'-6" Kabuto 2 weight when I get one. I wished that it had been the 3" big brother though. I tend to fish more 4 and 5 weight rods these days. Still a keeper for my Hardy collection.
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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    As MrTrout knows I'm a fan of Ari't Harts creations, & I've an album of my collection in my settings ;-)
    There's also another album with some pictures of a custom made, titanium reel by Leen Huisnan in it. That's my fovourite reel!!!!!
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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    MrTrout, I prefer the UL DD over the CC not only because it features a subtly fine-tunable drag but because it simple works better than the CC version. Howard is a great designer of both reels and rods but material errors happen.

    If you want to see where Howard Croston obtains some of his inspiration, look at Rudolf's remarkable collection of Ari't Hart reels. Rudolf, I do not know anyone who has a collection approaching yours, wow! One model I have never seen is your "Aris" with matching reel seat. Take a look at Hardy "Angel" and note the twin posts attaching the reel foot and the large diameter, shallow domed, ported drag knob as well as the reel seat used on Angel rods and subsequent Zeniths and Ari's influence is palpable.

    Hardy Angel, circa 2002, a reel still not getting the respect it deserves.

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    Hi S&S Rudolf and I have been good friends now for several years, we are both keen collectors of Ari Hart reels, I have a dozen or so, in fact my Remco came via his good self.
    My collection isn't as large as his, but he's my mentor, and very helpful.
    I prefer the Hardy CC on the small river I use it on, as it's very light, I have a 2000 and a 3000 model, and think they are well designed, as for the plastic clickers wearing down, they aren't alone, I've had a similar problem on my Sage Click, and my Purist 1.
    I now always carry a spare for each reel just in case.
    Rudolf, you have far too many Ari's now, it's about time you sold me some, cheap!!
    A few from my collection.
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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    MrTrout, You too have a fine and beautifully displayed collection of reels. Next time I'm on your side of the pond I will strive to be in contact with you and Rudolf.

    This dialog has prompted me to add Hardy Angel to the extensive list of great Hardy reels, old and new, in Reel Love, including the beautiful reissue of St. George favorite among the classic spring and pawl models.

    Here is my "Angel" mounted on a Diamondback "Stu Apte" #5 in "The Land of the Giants" in 2004:

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    Stunning picture, and the reels not bad either.
    I think there's one of those in a #3/4 on my bottom shelf.
    Spotties don't come much nicer than that.

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    And this one, minus von Behr red spotting, shows its Loch Leven, Scottish heritage. These wonderful fish were introduced to Montana (where this image was photographed) in the late 1880's. And, of course, it was taken on the dry fly.

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread

    Hi Guys,

    I've been doing some catching up on the thread. Greetings to our new members from The UK. As always there are more beautiful reels than I could imagine added while I was away.


    That is a sweet little St. George! Congratulations, I could use that on my #3 Flea rod and love it. What will you use it with?

    I better go buy a reel,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Reel Love; the Fly Reel Picture Thread


    Right now, it fits perfectly on my Orvis Superfine Touch 2-wt. I used the rod for the first time in some Eastern Sierra creeks last week, and it peformed flawlessly. I'm really impressed with the feel and the action of that rod. The reel was delivered while I was away, so I haven't fished with it yet. As far as size and balance, it looks really nice on the Orvis.

    Mr. Trout,

    You have an amazing collection there...great taste in reels. The tough part would be deciding which one to use on a given day. Decisions, decisions...

    ....Just one more cast...

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