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Thread: Redington Titanium CDL

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    Default Redington Titanium CDL

    This is supposed to be a salt water reel. For inland salt like redfish, trout, etc- any good?

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    Default Re: Redington Titanium CDL

    Hi Red Owl,

    I am not failure with the Redington CDL but Todd told me last week that he really likes them. The machining looks good in the photo. Give Todd a call and he will give you an honest opinion. (937) 434-8472


    Redington CDL

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    Default Re: Redington Titanium CDL

    For the fish that you want to target and the money that you want to spend, the CDL is not a bad reel. It may not have the smoothness and the stopping power as some premium reels, but it will do the job.

    If you choose this reel, make sure to back the drag off when you are not using it. This will allow the cork drag to reset itself and allow it to retain its compressibility.

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