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Thread: Reel help!!

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    Hello everyone. New here and need some reel info. Does anyone out there own or have any information on a "Old Florida" #1 click pawl reel? I recently picked up one of these that is mint but there seems to be a cap that is missing on the back of the reel where a drag knob would be. I have searched high and low and have gotten nowhere. If anyone has one or knows where I can find photos of this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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    Old Florida was taken over by Nautilus Reels back in '03 (I think). Click here for its contact information.

    If Nautlius isn't much works, contact Archuleta's Reel Works. Click here for its contact information.


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    Thanks MP. I already talked to Nautilus, they dont have spare parts or pics of this reel. I will contact your other suggestion. Thank you

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