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Thread: steelhead reels under 200.00

  1. Default steelhead reels under 200.00

    morning all. i was wondering if it is possible to get a decent (machined) steelhead reel for under 200 bux? i don't fish for steelies that often and cannot justify spending a lot of money on a reel. i have read where cast or forged reels are inferior to the machined reels when it comes to bigger fish. any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: steelhead reels under 200.00

    Here is a list of Steelhead sized reels that are under $200. All are machined from barstock aluminum.

    Redington Rise 7/8 $169
    Lamson Guru 3.0 (7/8) $199
    Ross CLA 3 (6/7) $195
    Orvis Battenkill Barstock 4 (7/8/9) $149
    Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor 4 (7/8/9) $149

    The better quality reels have always been machined from bar stock aluminum. They have tighter tolerances due to computer aided design and CNC machining. Also the aluminum has a consistent density from one side of the bar to the other. Everything will be solid.

    If you have a local shop with these products, check it out. The forum sponsor Reel Fly Rod is a Ross and Redington retailer if you want to give that a look.


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    mp, thanks. man, you are thorough. the help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: steelhead reels under 200.00

    I'll toss out the Okuma SLV just cuz it's a nice real: CLICK HERE Some forum members have stated they use SLV's for a variety
    of fishing, including steelhead. I've owned several, and they are very well
    made. Eventhough they are cast, the 5-6 SLV reels I've owned have zero
    wobble (and I'm extremely picky about wobble). My Okuma Sierra cast reel
    has lots of wobble, so I don't know what Okuma did to make the SLV seem
    machined, but it does. I was having a clumsy summer a few years ago, and
    dropped a couple of SLV reels hard. Left rod and reel on top of car
    a few times in wind, and the combos crashed onto asphalt; developed an
    interesting habit of standing on the leader while winding everything onto the
    spool at top speed in the parking lot. The SLV is a true large arbor, and top
    speed winding while standing on the leader sent reels flying out of my hand,
    and crashing onto the pavement ! Still no damage. The drag is a series
    of stainless washers and impregnated cork, has a wide range, and is as smooth as any I've tried. There is no incoming sound at all, and outgoing is
    a subtle click.

    P.S. Made in Taiwan, not China. There is a difference.

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