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  1. Default Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    I just picked up a new TFO #3 for some of the smaller creeks. I'm looking for a good, but inexpensive reel to match it up with. Right now I'm looking at the Ross Flystart for $68.

    Does anyone know of a better alternative in this price range?

    Tight lines.

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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    have a look at this Orvis for 49.00. great value.
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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    I have always been advised to stay away from the china portion of ross reels there not made by the same people as the higher end ross thats what i have herd any ways

    but to answer your question take a look at the p fluger trion 99 bucks at cabelas and i like mine better then any other reel i have had


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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    There are two Scientific Anglers System 1 reels in this forums Classified
    section. The smaller of the two weighs 3.9oz, and is a click/pawl style reel.
    I owned one, and they are very nice. Some people seem to like tiny reels
    for 3wt rods, but I can't see winding line onto a small spool.

    Another nice reel for a 3wt would be the Martin Mohawk River. It's a fully
    machined reel, and looks great. One of the fly shop gurus I know thinks it's
    the best buy for a rod like yours, and he's been in the business for quite some
    time. Martin Mohawk River Fly Reel Review - Budget fly reel low cost affordable trout fishing

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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    Frank has the right idea.

    I have a Cortland 55 that I use with a 7ft 3wt and my 7-6 2wt. It's click and pawl and all you'll need for small creeks or sunfish. Also, mine is made in England, if it matters.
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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    You don't really need a powerful drag unit on a 3 weight reel. A classic click and pawl setup will do the job well.

    A reel that is growing on me is the Redington Drift. It has an adjustable click and pawl drag. It is machined from barstock aluminum. The machining is high quality, and the finish looks good. Since it does not have a heavy duty drag system, it is very light. Best of all, it runs about $99 in most shops.

    If your local shop does not have one, check out the website sponsor, Here is the direct link to the Redington Drift on the sponsor's webpage.


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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    I have a TFO Pro 3-wt with an Orvis BBS-I reel I got at the local fly shop on sale for $89. It balances and casts very nicely. If you can't find locally, I believe Bass Pro sells BBS reels for under $100 during their Spring Sale.

    I would avoid the Flystart - I gave one to a family member for a first reel and it literally broke the first time out. I took it back to the fly shop and they replaced it with an Orvis BBS-II. Said they had a lot of Flystarts come back and they were dropping them from the shop.

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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    i saw that Allen & Co has the 3/4 wt out...looks like a nice reel and they are $48 for forum members....ask Justin down in the buisness classifieds bout them

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    Default Re: Best 3 Weight Reel...for the price

    I'm with FrankB2 and Axle on the reel size. Tiny reels just don't cut it. I once bought a Hardy Flyweight to use on a St Croix 3wt and the reel looked so tiny on the reel seat that I did not like it. I tried it on my Orvis Flea and had the same opinion. Eventually I sold the reel.

    Today there are so many reels in production that even with opinions being rendered it comes down to you actually checking out a reel in person and making a buy based on what you are holding in your hand. I like the Hardys and especially the Featherweight and the small Marquis reels.

    I do have a Cortland Graphite disc that was a great buy and works so well I use it for small steelhead water. The Lamson Reel Co. makes some really affordable reels in the 3/4 and 5/6 sizes, take a look at their lineup before making the big step.


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