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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesalmon View Post
    I picked up a Orvis BBS last season when they had the free extra spool offer. Turned out to be a great deal in my opinion. The real is very light. I believe one of the lightest reels available that is a quality product.

    In my situation I was looking for a reel in the 5 to 5.5 oz range. The BBS-V came in at 5 oz and cost me $150. including a spare spool. When I looked at other decent reels in this weight range they were usually twice this price and up.

    I will probably purchase another one for another system I have...
    Like Mikesalmon, my first Orvis BBS was a BBS V, suggested on this Forum (by MP, I believe - thank you) for a problem I was having with my old Hardy Marquis # 7 reel I was trying to use on my new Sage Z-Axis 7110 switch rod: the recommended line for that rod would not fit on that reel. Now, the BBS V normally would be sized for a much heavier rod - Orvis recommends line wts. 9-12. I was concerned that the likely weight of a V-sized reel would not balance well with my relatively-light Z-Axis #7 switch rod. But at an incredibly-light weight under 5 oz. (4.95 oz., to be exact), it balanced out perfectly. Having bought that BBS V reel with the same free extra spool Orvis promotion last summer that Mikesalmon mentions, I was so impressed with the value for the price that I bought two more BBS II reels on the same free-extra-spool promotion for the ZG Helios 10' 4 wt. I was getting as part of Orvis' promotion last summer of a free Helios rod of your choice for a stay at an Orvis Endorsed Fishing Lodge (had a great time at Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch on the New Mexico-Colorado border). The 3.6 oz. weight of the BBS II reels matched up perfectly with the 2.5 oz. 10' Helios, and at $119 for each BBS II reel including extra spool, the value couldn't be beat.
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    You said you were going to be up in St. Louis this coming weekend - check out the BassPro Spring Sale event - they usually have both the Orvis BBS and Orvis Mid-Arbor reels on sale, often for less than $100. That is a heck of a solid reel for a really low price.

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