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  1. Thumbs up Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a nice, lighter weight reel to compliment a 3wt rod (likely a Redington Classic Trout 4 piece 7'6').

    At this point, I'm leaning towards something like an Orvis Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock or Orvis CFO, and I like the disc drag and traditional look/feel.

    If you've got suggestions on something else, and/or have a possibly suitable reel that's gathering dust that you want to sell, I'd like to hear about it.


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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    I use Orvis CFO's (both the old made in England and more recently the asian-made version) on my 2, 3, 4 and 5 weight rods. Love 'em. Have both the clicker and disc versions, and in those line weights, really never felt the need for one over the other. Both work just fine. Oh, and the 5 weight has landed some healthy fish where the drag (disc in this instance) did come into play, and as I said, works just fine. Like the looks, too.

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    Of your two reels that you chose, I'd go for the CFO. It is a much better build. And it just looks right.

    Personally I'd rather have a click and pawl reel. The Redington Drift 2/3 balances perfectly on a 7'6" 3 weght CT because Redington designed the Drift series to match with that rod series. If you want to go old school, a Hardy Featherweight is a great option. Another option would be a Cortland Retro 1.


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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    if it were me id choose the Allen Fly Fishing Trout reel or a Lamson Guru or Konic.

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    Based on weight the Allen is the last reel that I would choose because it's relatively heavy for it's listed size at 4.8oz. That might be fine for a 9ft 5wt but for a shorter 3wt it is too much.

    Shooting for a weight at or under 4oz would be my personal choice. Certainly Lamson makes some that would fit the need as does the higher end Sage products. An Abel click drag TR1 is nice at 4oz and Hardy certainly makes some nice light weight click drag reels.

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    I have that same rod with a Pflueger Medalist 1492 and feel that it balances well. I also like the way the little Medalist complements the the classic looks of the CT.

    I know it's not a fancy or expensive reel, but it's a bullet-proof design that (with a little bit of care) will probably outlast most of us.

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    either of the Allen 3 weights

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    I have an Okuma SLV 2/3 - if you think you'd like to try it PM me.

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    Default Re: Reel for 3wt rod - Got suggestions?

    Here is a quick link to a guy's review of some lighter weight reels, including the CFO and the Battenkill (Large Arbor - not the Bar Stock):

    Three and Four Weight Fly Reels -

    He weighed each reel (the second weight value). For some of the reels, there is a noticeable difference between specification weight and his actual recorded weight. In his review, he mentions that he had a tough time identifying around a 1 oz. weight difference.

    I would tend to agree with that statement when you're comparing off the rod, but it might be different (not sure) on how it would affect rod balance and perceived weight when casting.

    FWIW, the weight difference from reel to reel may be similar to stereo shopping. You may notice a difference at the store when you have multiple systems lined up in front of you in a room designed for auditioning, but you won't have that environment when you bring the system home.

    If you have a chance to mount them and cast, I'd say go for it. If not, I would probably prioritize other factors such as build quality, warranty, price point, aesthetics, etc.



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    ...other than the fact that most of those reels are no longer in production. The Ross reels are pre Evolution ( i have a gunnison three that i bought used). The versions of the CFO and the Battenkill Large Arbor is a couple generations old.

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