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    Default Re: Allen & Co reel? what do you all think?

    I just received the Alpha Series 5/6 with a spare spool today. I must say I'm quite impressed. I was skeptical at ordering a reel "sight unseen", however, there will be some more Allen & Co. reels added to my collection soon!

    The fit and finish are nice, spool fit's very solid into the reel, no notice of any wobble. The drag system is awfully smooth too! We need to encourage Justin to take some better photo's of the reels, in person they are much, much better than the images on his website!

    I can't wait to give the reel the ultimate test, with a fish on the other end!!!

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    Default Re: Allen & Co reel? what do you all think?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am just finishing up a review of the XL 5/6 and it includes some pictures. I will have additional pictures in the Gallery. Should be up by Monday.


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    Got my Alpha 3/4 today. Looks great. I will fish with it on my new (recently built) 9 ft. 4 wt. BIIx on Saturday and leave a review for all, as I told Justin I would do.

    For what it is worth, I second all the opinions I have heard on the board so far. Tolerances look real tight, no wobble, slick looking reel. Drag has a large range and is smooth. It reminds me very much of an Orvis mid arbor BBS reel.

    The reel I got is not the reel in the pics on his website, it looks different. I like the looks of the reel I got better than the one on the website, but it does make me wonder....

    Justin was prompt and great to work with.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co reel? what do you all think?

    Hello, Yes, that reel on the spool has circle cut outs and a straight frame and with extra cutouts on the inside of the spool the my XL reel. I think its a pretty nice looking reel and seems to have done very well so far.

    Thanks everyone


    btw.. new reel, new design coming soon. Also, Anti-Reverse Reel being release Mid June

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    I ordered an XL 5/6 wt that I have taken out three times now I have to say it is an amazing reel for the price. I am a newb but can recognize quality craftsmanship when I see it. For being milled out of a solid block of aluminum you can't see any mill marks from the CNC machine. The drag is very smooth and there isn't a wobble to be found. I really love the sealed drag and on my St. Croix Triumph 5 wt the balance point is exactly at the tip of cork handle (when loaded with line).

    I have only caught 5 trout with it, none of which were big enough to really test the drag, so I cannot speak for that aspect other than it is really easy to adjust and is super smooth when pulling line out. There is no start up resistance that can be felt at the lower drag settings (haven't tested it out with the drag turned up).

    Bottom line, if you are looking for a quality reel without spending a small fortune I don't think you can go wrong with this setup.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co reel? what do you all think?

    a quick bump... i ordered an alpha 7/8, am about to order a trout 3/5 and after doing some more reading i am really looking forward to his line of rods!

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    Default Re: Allen & Co reel? what do you all think?

    My friend Gary (gjcordray) recently bought and Allen reel and he really likes it. I used it once or twice on the river with him and it seems like a great reel for the money. I am not in the market for a reel right now but I may buy one down the road.


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