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    Any feed back or advice on LL Bean Fly Fishing equipment? Considering a Double L Mid Arbor Fly Reel 5-6.

    I have always been impressed with their quality and customer service and now I considering them for fishing gear.


    Other reel suggestions for a good all around 5-6 weight reel within the $125 range?

    South East Michigan

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    I had one of their rods about 6-7 years ago, a 4 weight and I can't actually remember the model, as well as one of their low end click and pawl reels. It was actually one of my first rods that my Dad got me, and I basically learned the in's and out's of casting on it and absolutely loved it (until my brother closed it in a car door). My dad actually borrowed it a couple times and he owned some high-end rods (a sage 4wt and a couple loomis rods), because he liked the action so much. It was just perfectly balanced, and for some reason just felt "accurate". And it was also the first rod I was able to send out a good amount of line with very little effort.

    There are a lot of reels out there for $125. I've been looking into a new trout setup, and the two reels that seem to have the biggest "bang for the buck" are the Alpha by Allen & Co (link at top of the page) and the TFO prism. I'll probably end up with the Alpha.

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    Wading boots only. I won't hesitate to buy another pair in a few years.

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    I have 2 LL Mid Arbor Reels. One on a 3wt. and 1 on a 5wt.. I think they're great reels. Quiet and a very smooth action is how I would best describe them, not to mention great looking. I don't think you'll be dissapointed and you can't beat Beans warrenty.

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    I have an LL Bean Streanlight 3wt with Streamlight LA reel. Bought it after reading several great review on the equipment. Never regreted it a minute.

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