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Thread: A stupid question on reel function

  1. Default A stupid question on reel function

    Are fly reels supposed to click just when line is going out or in both directions?

    I feel silly asking, but I am a newbie and want to make sure I fully understand.


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    As they say, there are no stupid questions except those not asked.

    MOST reels click only on the way out, but it really depends on the make and model.

    I have one reel that makes noise only on the way in, which is rather odd and some find it annoying. Some disk drag reels have a clicker that really only serves to make noise when line is going out, presumably so the angler knows the fish is taking line if he/she is not aware. I've disabled those on a couple of my reels, since they really have no function on a disk drag reel.

    IF your reel is making noise only on the retrieve side, and it is a click and pawl drag, you may have it rigged backward, and will need to change it from right to left hand retrieve (or the other way, depending on how it was first set up).

    Good luck and welcome to the sport.

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    Thanks Craig,

    That is basically the way I figured it had to be but I just wanted to make sure. I initially rigged it so it clicked on the retrieved but quickly relized that I had no drag this way so I had to unspool everything and reverse the spool. I tried to watch some youtube videos and saw some were it was clicking on the retrieve as well and it got me wondering if I did things right.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: A stupid question on reel function

    Like Craig said, it depends on the reel. I have a couple of older click & pawl reels that click going in both directions, while my newer drag reels only click when line is going out. I don't disable the drag reel clickers, they make such a great sound when you hook a big fish and it rips off a bunch of line - it just sings!

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