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    Default Galvan Standard Reels For Sale!

    A while back someone posted that they were trying to find the Standards for sale and not having any luck. As I recall, they didn't get much from the forum members, including me. I do believe that Galvan will let you special order them, but not sure. There is someone who still sells some on ebay and once in a while a second hand model shows up there.

    I came across this website for the High Sierra Rod Company that sells Standards exclusively on their site. They have Galvan put the HSRC logo on the spool release button.

    I thought I'd post this for anyone who is interested in the Galvans or who may be into bamboo rods.

    I find it interesting that they only sell Hardy reels and the Galvan Standard. Bamboo rods and 3 different brands of fly lines, including silk.

    High Sierra Rod Company - Custom Barstock Reel Page

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    Default Re: Galvan Standard Reels For Sale!

    Galvan discontinued the Standard series of reels last fall. It will still service them.

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    Default Re: Galvan Standard Reels For Sale!

    Great tip - happy to see the Standard lives! One of my all time favorites.

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    Default Re: Galvan Standard Reels For Sale!

    Anybody know of where to track down a 3.25 standard? Either color...

    I have a spool and no reel. Google alerts has turned up nothing for 6 months.

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    Default Re: Galvan Standard Reels For Sale!

    They come up alot on ebay.

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