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    Default Looking for a "mid-priced" reel recommendation.

    O.K., I need another reel or two. Maybe want is a better used term. Anyway, I'm a big Ross fan. I've got several. The two most high-end I have are the Rythm and the CLA. I have tried many low to mid-end over the years. I am looking for something that compares quality wise to the models of Ross I've mentioned and in the mid-priced range. I consider mid-priced range to be $100 to $250. Don't get me wrong, like all of you, if I can find a $300 reel for $100, I'm in. What gives me the most bang for the buck? I am seriously considering the Lamson Velocity which is on sale several places for about $150. I'm thinking of buying two reels so $150 is about my top price. Is their something of the quality of the Ross Rythm/CLA and Lamson Velocity at that price or lower that you can recommend? Is the current deal on the Velocity the one on which to move? I'm just looking to broaden my horizons. Or, doo I stay with what I know I like and wait for something to show up on the used market? Thanks in advance.


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    I know someone will ask so I better head you all off at the pass. The rods are a 4 wt and a 6 wt and most fishing is done for Trout here on the Missouri, Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin, Ruby, Rock Creek, etc.

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    Default Re: Looking for a "mid-priced" reel recommendation.

    You can find a Ross Evolution LT 2 with Fly line for $275. You can still find the old Evolutions for around $200, but by the time you add the fly line, you might as well get the new one.

    Also, Nautilus makes a good reel in the FW/FW Plus line. You can get an FW 3 Plus with premium fly line for $240.

    Simlarly, the Lamson Velocity V2 comes in at $249 with premium fly line and backing.

    I'd look at the fly shops on ebay (The Gorge Fly Shop, Stillwater Outfitters, and Anglers Habitat). Blue Quill Angler also sells the Ross (non-eBay) on their website. Same for Stillwater Outfitters, they sell the Nautilus on their site for the same price they list on eBay.

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    I have a couple Orvis battenkill mid-arbors that I really like and they run about 140 0r so.

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    I'd go with an Orvis reel. I prefer the Large Arbor.

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