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Thread: Martin Fly Reel

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    Hi Guys,
    I have found an old martin fly reel i brought off a friend years ago. and before i use it just wanted to know if it was worth anything to a collector.
    I cant for the life of me work out how to post a pic...

    but it is a martin fly reel its black body with a silver spool. It has Martin 61 written in black on the spool and it has made in the USA stamped on the back.

    Is it worth anything???

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    I'm not trying to be 'abrupt', but (based on your join date and post count), I'm assuming you might be new to fly fishing.... If this is the case, and it is the only rod/ reel (I noticed you have a rod that you are inquiring about as well...) set you have, I'd say it is of more value to you than to many others-- in the form of a good rig to learn and get into the sport with..... If you have a closet full of rods/ reels and journals of every fish you've caught for the past 30 years--- then I apologize for making the assumption.

    It is hard to 'value' something like this-- The reel looks to be selling on eBay for anywhere between $10/15.00 on up to the 30 and 40 dollar range....

    If you love the sport like many of us do, It would be worthwhile to keep around as a loaner to introduce someone else to the game. Or , if you really don't want it, donate it to an organization like healing waters as I doubt it will call much-- guessing $30- $50.00 for the combo......

    Hope this helps and I also hope I wasn't obtuse in my reasoning....

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    Hey there goldy,

    You should consider doing an intro so we know who and where you are. As for the Martin, I have an lod MG-60 and love it. They are similar to a Hardy Featherweight and go well with light rods. Everyone here is a collector of sorts and maybe you'll become one too.

    At any rate welcome to the group, hope you'll stick around.


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    Iv got one on a 3 wight and i think its perfect for smokies trout and run of the pond bluegil

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