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  1. Default Reel recommendation for Scott G2 885/4

    Just wondering if anyone out there who has a Scott G2 885/4 (or any other Scott 5wt in the G series) could recommend an appropriate-sized reel for the rod. I am tempted to get a slightly smaller reel given the light weight of the rod, but I plan on using a DT line (likely the Rio Trout LT DT) so I wonder about spool capacity.

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    Default Re: Reel recommendation for Scott G2 885/4

    Got a G2 905...I use it with a Vivarelli and a SA supra dt4f most of the time.Not sure it'll help for nearly nobody uses this kind of reel in the US....going to ask why one of these days

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    Default Re: Reel recommendation for Scott G2 885/4

    I have the G2 884/4 and I use a Tibor Spring Creek w/ it. You could use Tibor's 5 wt version - Tibor Tailwater - on your G2 885/4.

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    Default Re: Reel recommendation for Scott G2 885/4

    I fish an Abel 3N on my shorter 3wt and a Abel 5N on my 10ft 5wt and love them both. For your Scott I'd look very closely at an Abel 4N, at 4.6 oz in the larger arbor version and a 5wt plus 100 yards of backing it sounds like perfection. Sure, there are some that consider Abels as overpriced rod jewelry but they are truly awesome reels made in the US that are a pleasure to use.

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