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Thread: Medalist Reel, 1494 DA

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    So I found one of these online for fairly cheap and I'm looking at getting it as, can anyone tell me a little about it. I was looking to use it for a double taper 5wt line, will that line and some backing fit?

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    A DT5 will fit fine. I use both 5 and 6wt lines on my 1494s

    DA is Shakespeare's code for the first year of the model manufacture, Medalists with the DA designation were made between 1966 and 1978.
    If your reel says "Made in USA" on the frame after the DA, then it was made in Fayetteville, Arkansas between 1970- 1978
    DA reels manufactured between 1966 and 1969 will say "Made in Akron, O, USA"
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