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    I just received an Allen Trout series reel. Anyone know how to change from left hand retrieve to right hand retrieve?

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    Your gonna love the reel, Its actually very simple. Loosen the outerthreaded knob to remove the spool, you sill see a rubber o-ring on the shaft- remove it so you can take the piece that looks like a nut off and tap the bearing ring out and install the opposite of the way it was. Install back onto the drag assembly shaft, re-install o-ring, install spool and away you go.

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    Thanks Ohjoe! You're right I do love this reel and I haven't even used it yet. Going after some lunker browns tomorrow (5 to 7 lb). Justin PM right about the same time you replied. He really takes care of business. Thanks again.

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    I just got my 5/7 trout reel today and must say it is a quality looking reel. Thing looks like it should go on a bigger rod. Bad thing is I don't know when I'll get to try it out.

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    I have a Allen Alpha 3 wt and 5 wt. They are very smooth and attractive. I actually took my Ross reel off my 5 wt rod because I like the Allen drag better.....anybody wants a deal on the Ross please PM me...

    Your going to really enjoy the Allen Reel.

    Regards, Boser

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