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    I doubt I'll be buying one, it says "for progressive fly fisherman". I'm all for limited government. They need a libertarian model.

    I'm sure I'll see them in NO, but this is a tough business. They better have some capital I don't believe anyones $5-900 reels are jumping off shelves these days. And Hardy has a new reel that Andy Mills help develop.

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    Default Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    A few things prevent me from considering one of these reels.

    1) The price is way too high given the quality of lower priced, high-quality substitutes in each reel class.
    2) If I wanted a progressive look, I would buy a Lamson, Nautilus with a custom color, or an Abel with a custom color and still save money.
    3) A life time warranty is only as good as the individual or company who provides it. How long will they be around?
    4) I'd rather not have to explain to a bunch of anglers on any given river why I chose to "Get Cheeky" and spend almost $700 w/tax on a 5/6/7 weight reel..... I'd rather buy a premium fly rod or an entire combo for that price.

    After all, the reel won't do a whole lot if you do not have a decent rod to cast the line, that holds the fly, that hooks the fish.
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    Default Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    Well, fellas, it is 2012 and Cheeky has finaly introduced all 4 brashly toned and named reel models. They exist and they have lowered their prices incrementaly too.

    Last fall a guide friend of mine got a demo/loaner "Mojo" to take on our bonefish trip to Abaco and he, a tackle critic from way back, loved it! the synthetic, stacked drag sealed with heavy duty "O" rings was super smooth, powerful and consistent and, in the Bahamian bright light, the reel looked...appropriately bright. Especially when my friend held it in one hand while cradling a big bone in the other.

    Surely not for those with conservative taste in tackle but an exciting, unique and relevant new reel for those who require a high performance reel for the type of powerful fish they love to pursue. I think one would look cool mounted on my hot-dog G.Loomis CrossCurrent GLX permit rod instead of the conservative, cork-dragged, black, smaller diameter reel currently seeing duty on that rig.
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    I looked at the reel at IFTD, and I was very impressed by the quality. They are sourced overseas though and that concerns me a bit at those price points. What are you guys take on that?

  7. Lightbulb Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    I believe the original Mojo reels were made in the USA. (Boston, Mass)

    However,...after those were launched, things are not so easy to discern.
    Price-point on those was high...and from what I can gather, all of Cheeky's subsequent offerings are now imported from Asia (Korea?)

    Their web site definitely seems to be aimed more for the X-Games crowd than those who read Grey's Sporting Journal

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    Default Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    I'll pass since it's imported from Asia.

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    Default Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    Call me boring but the colors just aren't for me. I am not opposed to colored fly reels by any means, just that those ones have no appeal.

    Burke, to answer your question, for the price point there are plenty of other great options both sourced off shore and made in the USA that I'd opt for over these ones, regardless of performance. For that kind of outlay, I want to know that a company will be around to honor warranty/repair/replacement, etc. Hardy, Abel, Galvan, Ross, Orvis, Lamson all come to mind. The spool design looks oddly similar to the Hardy Ultralight series to me and the frame looks like a less machined Loop Opti series. Have not handled the Hardy Ultralight series, but they really look sharp and certainly have racked up the accolades. I'll give the guys credit for doing something new and different, but not for me.
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    I'll pass on the cheeky. Agree, the colors are just horrible (and I'm an art director). The only thing I see worth paying for is the completely sealed drag which looks a lot like the design in Hatch reels (not saying Hatch invented it). Other than that the other parts remind me of my old Ross Evolution LT. That said, I see no reason to get this over a Ross (which I believe is made in the US). Unless, you LIKE the colors. But I guess a different color and somewhat different design (it does look like the newer ultralight hardy's) can help you capture some market share.

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    I love a well built reel. I do not know how well built these are, but the price is way way too high for me to even consider. They do need to work on the color schemes...they are not attractive at all.
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    Default Re: New Reels - Cheeky Fly Fishing

    I read an article on them somewhere, they are trying to go after the "snowboarders" with cash to spend was my take.

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