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  1. Default Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    I love the simplistic idea of the Abel Creek reel, but don't quite understand when you'd go with the large arbor vs. standard arbor. I understand that large arbor offers less line memory and a faster retrieve, but if both of those are always good things, why would you ever go with the standard arbor? Is the standard arbor just more traditional, or is there an actual advantage to standard arbor in some cases?

    Great forum here, thanks for all the info!

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    Default Re: Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    Standard arbor offers more backing. Some people like lots of backing.

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    Default Re: Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    Looks to me like the large arbor Creek is kinda catching the wave of popularity that the term 'large arbor' bring to marketing. It seems to just have a larger hole in the center. Tioga did the same thing.
    All other things being equal and if the width of the spool does not change you actually lose capacity with this type large arbor.

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    Default Re: Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    I had an Orvis BBS IV reel. This reel was made in England, and the owner's manual is different than the MIC BBS reels. It was supposed to be a 6-8wt
    reel, and held about a zillion feet of backing with a 6wt line. That adds weight, and all of that backing takes time to dry if the reel gets dunked (you
    have to meet my wife: she's a champion reel dunker!). The nice thing about the large arbor is that you don't have to carry a ton of backing, but still get
    the benefit of larger coils. I just spooled up a reel with backing, and it seems
    that if I ever have a fish take 90 feet of 5wt fly line, and a little over 100 yards of backing, he deserves his freedom. Tarpon and bonefish are excluded
    from this grant of freedom, however, and I'd load those reels to the max.

    Soooo.....You can buy the SA reel, and load it up with lots of backing (or not), or buy the LA reel, and load a resonable amount of backing for a 5wt. I use larger sized mid-arbor reels for the most part, and line memory is now.....well.....just a memory. I did use a standard arbor 3 inch reel last year briefly,
    and reeling in 40 feet of line seemed to take so much longer than what I had become accustomed to.

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    Default Re: Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    I have 3 Abel Creek #2's; all large arbor spools, and I use them for 3 wt. and 4 wt. lines; WF and DT. It's a great reel and with the newer gel spun backings I can easily get 100+ yds. of backing on the spool. I have another AC #2 spool on order now and will pick it up this weekend. It's a great reel for fishing smaller trout.

    Once I go to a 5 wt. line, I'm into my Abel Super 5N's; which are also very nice reels. I don't use the new quick release model, I just carry a dime with me whenever I hit the stream and if I need to change spools, then that's how I do it.


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    Default Re: Abel Creek Large vs. Standard Arbor

    Proud owner of two Abel Creek 2 Large Arbor reels. I use one on my Sage ZXL 490-4 and the other one on a Z-Axis 590-4.

    Some people prefer the old school look of a standard arbor reel. Due to increased backing capacity (which means more mass), it will balance out better on glass and cane reels. Also some believe that large arbor reels just don't look right on glass and cane.

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 have to meet my wife: she's a champion reel dunker!
    Too funny!


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