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Thread: Albright GP?

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    Hey guys, me again.....
    I am in the search for a decent (budget!) 8 wt fly reel for Steelies and salmon trip to AK.
    I am seriously considering the Okuma SLV, but I just found an Albright GP on closeout for $79. The SLV goes for around $50, so they are pretty close in price. The GP used to sell for $180, but that doesn't mean anything......
    Is the Albright GP that much better?

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    I have the GPX in 5wt. It's a nice reel that I use on my streamer outfit.

    You might consider an Allen & Co. Alpha series reel. Good price, good quality and Justin is a great guy to work with.

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    Those Allen Alpha reels look really nice!
    The price seems just about right too.

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    Jump on the Allen reel. They may very well be the best value in all of fly fishing.

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    Offer $10 and you'll have a brand new reel shipped to your door for a little over $20...

    Okuma Airframe 7/9 reel - eBay (item 110421790161 end time Jul-02-10 11:01:56 PDT)

    Heck, buy a couple if you're worried about durability and they might accept an even lower offer.

    EDIT 6/8: I was right. I made an offer of $5 each for two of them and they accepted it. Adding in a bit of shipping for the second one, and I have two new reels on the way here for $26. I already have one of these reels on my backup bass rod, but there's no way I could pick up two extra spools for $26 shipped.
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