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  1. Default house of hardy reels

    I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with their reels.

  2. Default Re: house of hardy reels

    The ol' man has a LRH and loves the heck out of it. Spring/Pawl, makes a cool sound and very reliable. Good looking classic reel. (I just realized everyword in that last sentence had double letters):
    God, I need to get out and fish some more.

  3. Default Re: house of hardy reels

    Yes, I have a few including-
    LRH Lightweight
    Viscount 130
    Viscount 140
    Uniqua 31/2
    Marquis 7
    Perfect 33/8 RHW
    Sunbeam 6/7
    I love them all but the Uniquas,which are magnesium, show slight corrosion.
    The checks on the Viscount 140s are a bit coarse.

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    Default Re: house of hardy reels

    I've got 2 of the Bougle Mark IV(?) which is a repro of a 1908 (I think) model. I love them both. I don't have a bad word to say about them except that they were pretty expensive.

  5. Re: house of hardy reels

    The hardy MLA is a great reel with a brake that would stop a bus, but sadly not made any more.
    It may have been a little too expensive at around $700 for the reel and around $300 for the spare spools.

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