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araitim 06-04-2011 08:31 PM

Heddon 300 series
My kids want to get me something for fathers day and im looking at the Heddon 300 series for my 5wt rod. What is the difference between those and the Hardy that they were modeled after? Are they a quality classic I can fish and eventually pass on to my son(or daughters if they EVER show interest in fishing)without breaking the bank on a hardy? Are they all assembled in Michigan, where we are from and have lived our whole life(also a plus IMO)? What are your thoughts on these Heddon's?

Ard 06-05-2011 02:23 AM

Re: Heddon 300 series
Unless I'm confused you are talking about reels that were modeled after the Hardy Lightweight Series reels; Princess, LRH, and Featherweight. I have not owned any of these so will have to answer in generalization based on what I know about most of the copies. They will be a little heavier than the Hardy of the same size and the finish will look different than the Hardy. Other than weight (due to the different metal used to cast them) they use the same tensioning system on the pawls and are a good copy of the reels they were made to imitate. For trout fishing I would think one should be as good as a Hardy and for all intent & purpose will look like a classic reel which they are.

Make sure they find you one in good condition if they're going to do it. The reels had a baked enamel finish I believe and once they get dinged and chipped up they can look kind of ratty.


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