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    Default Re: Large arbor reel

    Hi Starski,

    You should add the Galvan Open Back reel to your list. It is mid-priced and a beatifully built reel. The 03-OB should meet your needs quite well. Fully machined with a truly great drag. Joni is correct about the Mach reel.

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    hi, you could try the partridge 'S' series fly reel, it has the same workings as the trion but a full large arbor.

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    Default Re: Large arbor reel

    Based on my experience, and your preferences, I would recommend this:

    Good- Cortland Endurance
    Better- Battenkill Mid Arbor (I'll never be convinced that super shallow arbor on the LA is a good idea)
    Best- Lamson Litespeed or Ross Evolution.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    My son has several Okuma slv reels and loves them. I recently bought a reel off ebay which turned out to be a bargain. It is all machined aircraft aluminum with an excellent drag. I showed one to the mgr of the bass pro fly dept., and he bought one for himself that day. They sell for about $40. Look for bobo00700. He usually has several up for auction or sale.

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    Fly Reels

    Here's a link to last year's version of the Lamson Velocity size 2. 149.99 is 70 bucks off retail. I've had one for awhile and it's been fantastic and got another a couple weeks back from these folks. Got the reel within about 4 days. It's not the new "hard alox" finish, but mine hasn't gotten a scratch yet.


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    hi, check out the scientific anglers system 2LA-456 in the gear review section. these are great quality reels from BFR with a very smooth action.

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