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    Default Re: Going old school: Sage 505L or Orvis CFO III?

    -Not really, they are both straight forward click drag reels. You will undoubtedly come across the term "bar stock CFOs" and some older cast Orvis reels which will make you wonder about the machined vs cast issue. In this case they are both light and I would not be concerned either way, I'm pretty sure the Sage is machined for what it's worth.. The biggest thing that I would look for is the reel be as near mint condition as possible. I hate for my equipment to be scratched up with boat rash and the like.

    One thing you will see on the Sage- there is a small metel cap that covers the nut that fixes the spool shaft to the frame. This cap is visible on the back of the reel is serves only as a cosmetic cover. For whatever reason these caps have come off and are commonly missing on the Sage reels that have made it to the used market. My plan is that if I find a reel that is missing the cap but is in otherwise great condition is to buy the reel and have my local rod maker lathe a wood cap as a replacement- sort of like an older Abel TR.

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    Default Re: Going old school: Sage 505L or Orvis CFO III?

    Quote Originally Posted by tourproto View Post
    Thanks for the input. Obviously the Sage reels pre-date the internet so I can't find a lot of spec info on those reels. I didn't think about the weight of the reel and since modern rods are so much lighter, that could definitely make a difference in swingweight feel.
    Here ya go:

    Sage 500 reel series paper in Classic Reels Forum


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    Default Re: Going old school: Sage 505L or Orvis CFO III?

    Here is my 503L...the 500 series reels were some of the best IMO.

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