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    I am interested in trying for pike on a fly. I have a 9 weight rod and would appreciate your ideas on a reasonably priced reel to go with it. I don't want to spend too much on the reel; preferably 100-170 dollar range and have been looking at the Lamson reels-- there are new Radius and Velocity reels in this price range on ebay. I also looked at the G Loomis number 7 reel at Sportsman's Warehouse for about $100. I am partial to the Galvan (use an OB3 for trout) but the Rush is a little pricey. I am not sure how much I will use it, although it could serve as a backup on an Alaskan salmon trip or for bass fishing. Thanks, MC

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    I've used the Lamson Velocity 4 for years and LOVE the thing. That would be a fine choice. My only complaint is that its weight balances a typical 10wt rod better than the 9wt Scott HP I've got it on. The 3.5 size would work plenty well on a lightish 9wt and would hold plenty of backing for pike fishing.

    One qualifier, my V4 is the old style with more metal on the backside, so the new one's in the 4 size could be considerably lighter.

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