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    Default Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    Hi guys,

    I recently picked up one of these after searching for a while and was wondering if any one on here had any experience with them. There seems to be very little info on them. Thanks...

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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    I used to sell them. Its a fine reel, but a bit on the heavy side compared to what is currently available.

    I really liked the sound of the thing, and the stopping power of the drag is amazing. Seems like you could crank even the #4 size down to over 11lbs of drag pressure.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    I have a gold BG4 on my eight weight Scott, it balances well and s certainly smooth with a cool sound. Like Cliff said it is a little heavy but in my case it balances just fine. I have used it primarily for bass fishing so it hasn't seen much drag testing action with long running fish. I hope to make both a trip for redfish and a trip for salmon/steelhead soon so the drag should get a proper test. I expect the BG 4 to perform just fine and from the many other comments I have read it is a great product.

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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    I have Canyon BG-5 sitting on my desk as I write this. This is a solid piece of work that you could probably hammer one of the new light weight skeleton reels flat with. If you are using a heavier rod this should balance just fine and, as said above, has good sounds.

    Not to digress too much but if I am wading a bonefish flat, I want a light precise # 8 or 9 rod rigged with a large diameter but narrow width reel that is also light and smooth. If I am (as I will be in a couple of days) bouncing around in a rip current off a Long Island point hunting albies in a center consol boat, I want a larger diameter, thicker walled #9 rod ballenced with a heavier reel both of which can withstand the thrashing run-and-gunning after up-and-down albies intails.

    I like sports cars but not for trailering a boat down a rutted dirt track and the Ross Canyon, appropriate to its task, is a pick-up truck.

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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    I don't own one, but I do recall a test of the reel by Fly Fish America. It has a great drag system with almost zero start up inertia. When the drag is set at a given amount, there is no extra pull needed begin releasing line. Some of the other reels had up to a 30% start up inertia.


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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    If you fish the salt with it, I would recommend you immerse it completely in hot fresh water with the drag off and strip all the fly line off then reel it in under the water. Then do it again with a little more drag setting.

    Finally clamp down the drag, with the reel out of the water, and strip some line off, then release it all the way and let it dry with the spool removed. You should also make sure you spin the delrin knob well with a drop of soap on it then rinse well.

    Neither the drag nor the handle on the BG 5 likes the salt at all and I would assume the 4 is the same way. I wound up with a handle knob that would not turn, and wound up removing it by milling the screw out of the spool on a vertical milling machine. No other way to get it out because it was frozen solid. Ross sent me a new knob screw and stud at no cost. I wound up taking 0.003" inch off the new knob end, and have had no further problems.

    But you have to religiously rinse/clean both knob and drag. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Ross Canyon Big Game 4

    Thanks for the replies. I'm just back from a four day trip steelheading. This was my first time using the reel. I bought it used but like new. The original owner said he used it only a couple of times. To look at it, I believe him.

    I landed 2 nice fish in my first few hours fishing and I was remarking how nice the drag was to my buddy under a lot of pressure. Felt really good. Then a while later hooked another good fish and the drag just went into free spin. No matter how much I tightened down it made no difference. Lost the fish as he got out to much line and couldn't get him back. I realized I had got the reel wet when crossing over earlier and when wet, it has no brakes. Once it dried out it was fine again. I am dissapointed because I won't ever use it again. Its not reliable.

    It's a fine reel. Just don't let it get wet.

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