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Thread: Inexpensive Reels Compared

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    It was either the Mach VI, or the Vortex,, pretty sure it was the Mach that said Made in England. Beautiul reel, just like the VOrtex. I guess the Vortex is still pretty heavy, but look at the metal. Probably worth it with real big fish.

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    I think you should take seriously look att Danielsson reels LW or HD.
    I heard that lots of people in USA are switching from Abel and Tibor for these babys.

    Welcome to Danielsson


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    Quote Originally Posted by boron View Post
    I think you should take seriously look att Danielsson reels LW or HD.
    I heard that lots of people in USA are switching from Abel and Tibor for these babys.

    Welcome to Danielsson

    Nice looking reel. I checked out the website. But, I am now ready to go with the Teton line of reels. I have them in 9 to 12 wts. Need to start loading the spools with line!!

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    "...frankly i don't fish chinese."
    Me either. That shiny CAD-machined junk is soul-less!

    If you want to save some money, take a look at the US-made Fly Logic Premium series (890 model for 8/9/10 lines).

    Great, no-BS design. Very solid but light; excellent disc drag. Available new on ebay for $60-70, and a spare spool for another $40.

    Fly Logic Big Game Fishing Reel 8 9 10 Wt Flyreel Black - (eBay item 280144431597 end time Aug-24-07 22:11:16 PDT)


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    I have three of the reels mentiontion so I'll throw my $.02...

    Teton's are bulletproof but they are heavy

    Trion i've have had for years, and it has taken abuse very well. I've leaned towards large arbor reels so the Trion was shelfed last year

    The Okuma Helios- This reel has surprised me. Its very light and very well made. I fish only saltwalter, fish em hard and put them away wet. Its only been one season but so far so good...

    P.S. I never take care of my gear, the faster I break it, the faster I get to buy new gear
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    I plan on taking notes on the trip. Going again next year is already on scheduler. Not that I am rich, but by then I will have the gear already, hopefully know where to go, and I will have a free ticket to the West coast.
    The cost of the next Kodiak trip should be much MUCH less next year. I don't eat the fresh water fish around here. The salt water fish, blues, stripers, etc, all come with warning labels glued on by the State DEP telling you to eat no more than one fish every so often. Pretty sad, but, that is why I am glad there are still places like Alaska to fish. :-))

    Hi Joe,

    I don't remember if you ever said where you will be fishing. The above comment sounds like you will be going to Kodiak. Is that your plans?

    I want to caution you about Alaska fishing. You can't just go any where and catch fish. Most of Alaska's fish in rivers are migratory and you have to be at the right place at the right time. Even in lakes the fish will be at specific places at certain times of the year. A fish on every cast is possible but not every day and every place. I just wanted to be sure that you understand that Alaska fishing can be tough just like other places. It can also be fantastic.
    Frank, you were right on the fishing in Alaska. The only fish that I could catch on every cast,, pretty much two days only, were Dolly Vardon. I guess the sockeyes had made their way up and the Dollies were on the cleaning mission.

    The sockeyes were low in numbers on Kodiak that year and the pinks didn't come home until two days before I left. I got some kings and halibut on charters, but that is pretty much a no brainer operation.

    I was disappointed in the fishing overall, but very pleased at the same time. Why??? I think the long netters get too close to the inlets and that isn't good. The size of the halibut were not impressive, yet I don't want big wormy fish either...

    However, I would go back at least one more time to Kodiak. Then, I would consider a trip to the mainland. I love the place, and the critters that inhabit the island. Alaska is true treasure that many Americans don't know about,, and sometimes that is a good thing too!!

    I am probably going to start my casting practice again, yet I don't think I will make it back to AK until next year. Economy and job is up in the air.

    Regards, and thanks again,

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    The battenkill mis adrbors should do you well for salmon and saltwater...Take good care of your reel and it should last you a lifetime...

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