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Thread: Lamson Konic

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    Thanks Blazer. When next in a fly shop I'll ask to take one apart and have a look. I don't mind exposed drag components that are easily accesssable and user maintainable like Abels for example. But one-way bearing actuated drags can be less accessable. Are Waterworks/Lamson drags all exposed to potential contamination in this way and how much effort is involved in disasemably and cleaning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    one-way bearing actuated drags can be less accessable.
    Doesn't any reel that free spools have some sort of one-way mechanism?

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    The drag is not exposed when the reel and spool are assembled. It is a completely closed system. To my knowledge all Waterworks/Lamson drags are the same. The Lamson approved cleaning procedure is to seperate the spool from the reel and rinse everything with clean fresh water. Allow all parts to dry and reassemble. No other maintenance such as lube or further disassembly is necessary or recommended. The anti-reverse bearing can be removed and flipped over to change left/right hand configurations as well.

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    The way I understand my reel is that the o-ring that actually holds the spool onto the frame seals the mechanism when it is assembled. I don't intend to use the reel a whole lot in salt, but will be taking it to AK. Glacier silt is a worry if the reel takes an accidental dunking in silty water. I am sure "Hardyreels" can shed more light on that subject.

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    Jackster, The idea of using a one-way needle bearing was introdduced, to the best of my knowledge, by the great Ari 't Hart in the early 80's. Many have followed but drags such as used by Tibor and Abel are actuated by spring loaded dogs preventing counter rotation of the disc mounting plate's geared circumfrance. Pawls are employed by the tradition Hardy type reels and clutches by sealed drag systems like Charlton/Mako and Hatch.

    I asked Steve Abel at a Fly Fishing Show some years ago why he did not use one-way bearings. He had experimented with the idea and found them less reliable than dogs. His, like Tibor's, are now dual and each features a redundent spring for the ultimate in reliability. I have seen reel failure where a needle(s) has fallen out of a bearing when fliping it to change rotation direction and, I am told, good bearings are expensive while many Asian reels utilize off-the-shelf cheapo bearings.

    One-way bearings are a light weight and cleverly simple way to actuate a drag mechanizim. They can not be sealed as they must be accesable to convert a reel's winding direction. They must be high quality and the hub that contains them must be designed to protect the assembly from contamination. If you fish in the salt as well as fresh water, you learn how apparently intelligent designs can be turned to **** in no time.

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    Since your original post was back in October, have you had a chance to use the reel and what impression of the reel after using it some? I have looked at the Lamson reels locally but still procratinating a bit; I like the idea that most of their line is made in the USA. All future purchases of fly gear will be made in my favorite country............US of A! Thanks and Happy New Year..

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    As long as the reel takes a dunk in the water while still in one piece you should be fine. I own both the konic 3.5 and 1.5, and have had no problems. I have fished it in the salt, and freshwater. The drag system is completely enclosed when it is together. All I do after I fish it is like someone else said, take it apart and rinse it thoroughly in warm water.

    They are great reels for the price, and I will never purchase any other brand of reel.

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    I am thinking about picking up a Konic 4 for this year. I will be using it on a 9 or 10 wt and many times on the beach for bluefish and striped bass.

    Somebody earlier in the thread said the finish on this reel looks like it will "pit" after exposure to saltwater.

    Anybody have any experience with this happening?

    Also what Lamson reels have the anodized finish? Is the price difference worth it?

    I take good care of my fishing equipment as I learned long ago if you don't rinse after saltwater use, you're asking for trouble.

    The other reel I am considering is an Orvis BLA V. But that reel does not have a sealed drag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floorabove View Post
    Somebody earlier in the thread said the finish on this reel looks like it will "pit" after exposure to saltwater.
    as long as you thoroughly rinse your reel after salt water use, you should have no problem with pitting.



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    I know a person who uses a Konic 3 for surf fishing. He rinses his reel after every outing. He has not had any pitting issues.

    I would have an issue with the drag system. The Konic 4 uses Lamson's standard size clutch and bearing. It may not be enough for a Striped Bass, let alone, a Bluefish. If you want to go to a #4 size Lamson, look at the Velocity. At that level, you get Lamson's oversized clutch and bearing. It will have more braking power. It also has the more durable Hard Alox finish.


    PS: I am not sure if the Guru has the oversized clutch and bearing in the #4 size.

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